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Perfect Blue EP cover_v003_12-10-19.jpg


"[Lamb] makes a skeletal but sexy form of [R&B] that feels au courant...On ['Perfect Blue'], [her] voice unfurls elongated hooks around slow, languorous drum patterns, before going double-time in the verse. It's a hip-hop vocal dexterity in an electronic torch song context, and it's just one highlight on a strong EP full of them." Resident Advisor

"A delicate elegy, 'Gaslight' is a stunning new offering from [Lamb]...Each layer of ambient sounds—metallic whooshes and creaking floors—is laid down with the precision of a painter adding soft strokes to an intricate canvas...We are subsumed, and we love it." — The Wild Honey Pie on "Gaslight"


"Gaslight' as intoxicating as it is disorienting." FADER on "Gaslight"

"[G]rowling production and delicate vocals evoking the sounds of artists like serpentwithfeet, Arca, and FKA twigs." AQNB

"Experimental yet cohesive, fresh but polished, [Lamb]’s debut offering is futuristic yet still familiar, and is a perfect example of why contemporary RnB is not letting itself be restricted by the sonics of traditional RnB while still building on its foundations." Bubblegum Club

"[T]he lyrics of 'Konke' comfort and offer strength for world and internal reconstruction. It’s an unpredictable shifting represented by the buzz and snap of the sound-design, reminiscent of Lotic, FKA Twigs, and Arca." — Tone Glow on "Konke"

“[A] unique sound, taking on a hybrid of influences. R&B, electronica, and resemblances of pop sensibility culminate in the form of an original and exciting perspective.” — Underground Underdogs

“[C]elestial vocals...over dark and warped electronic synths.” — AdHoc

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